The background, which I so often pass by, offers great opportunity. It is stationary and immovable yet continuous. The background, which I so often neglect, is an omnipresent reality. Using the background as a subject enables me to reel in the moment. 

I look, I see, I discover. I become aware of presence. I become aware of the present.

I attempt to translate this notion by way of my brush. Through color. Through medium. I explore and experiment. I don't attempt to disguise the properties of the paint. I try to create an awareness of the possibilities. An awareness of the gooey, or rich, or soft, or flat, or silky or dry, or juicy, or heavy, thin, flowing, elegant substance that has the power to transform my vision into a tangible. Throughout the process, I build up, take down, I preserve layers. I destroy and smear line, blur imagery. I take risk. I turn things on their side and upside down. I make things work. I challenge and then step back. I do and I do over.